WOS Presents Ascent PDI

40 hours of immersive virtual interpersonal
skills instruction relevant to a variety of industries

Ascent PDI focuses on developing employee self-esteem and confidence, lifelong learning and metacognition, personal and professional core values, and literacy in business culture.

The result? Professional employees who are less likely to engage in workplace conflict, turnover, and absenteeism and who are more motivated and successful in their jobs.

We hold afternoon and evening classes to accommodate your schedule.

Classes held Wednesdays
from 1pm - 3pm EDT

Classes held Thursdays
from 6pm - 8pm EDT

Individual Mentorship available for an additional cost

  • The Ascent Professional Development Immersion program teaches motivated employees the interpersonal skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace.
  • Develop measurable improvement in your workforce through interpersonal skills training.
  • Why invest in employees’ soft skills? Because doing so leads to better financial, professional, and personal outcomes for employees and companies alike.

Ascent PDI is comprised of four courses

Course can be purchased separately

WOS lays the groundwork for exploring professionalism, employer and employee expectations, conflict resolution, teamwork, and other interpersonal skills. Students will develop interpersonal skills like leadership, ethical behavior, citizenship, and civic literacy

Employees will learn strategies for integrating their personal, community, and professional values and goals in the workplace. The curriculum covers various approaches to goal-setting, time management, emotional intelligence, and financial literacy, so students are prepared to take ownership of their career progress.

Participants will learn to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to support their own learning – both within and outside of the workplace. They’ll work toward developing awareness of their own thoughts, learning styles, and modes of understanding.

This course provides a framework for further developing self-awareness and self- esteem. According to the LWMA, this is a critical component of an individual’s ability to succeed in the workplace. We’ll explore concepts like self- acceptance, personal and professional values, goal- setting, and career and life visioning

  • The program is divided into four main areas of study; students may enroll in all four classes or in each individual class.
  • Participants receive digital badges for their LinkedIn profiles upon completion of each core area of the program.
  • Each virtual live course is two hours. Students are also expected to complete one hour of individual learning .

Classes held Wednesdays
from 1pm - 3pm EDT

Classes held Thursdays
from 6pm - 8pm EDT

After completion of all four Ascent PDI courses, participants receive the Ascent PDI Graduate badge so they can highlight their new skills on their LinkedIn profiles.

Your employees already have what it takes to succeed.

The goal of Ascent PDI is to develop these innate skills and bring them to the surface, creating better outcomes for their lives and for your company.

Meet our Instructors

Addie M. Rimmer

Addie M. Rimmer, Director of Student Learning, has designed and taught interpersonal skills courses for WOS since 2008. She previously served as a newspaper editor and journalism faculty member. She has a bachelor's degree from The City College of New York and a master's in journalism from Columbia University. She is a doctoral candidate in Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Jarrell Mosley

Jarrell Mosley joined the WOS as a Program Manager in May 2019. Prior to taking on this role he held positions as an Admission Advisor, Associate School Director, School Director/Project Manager, culminating in a professional career of 18 years in both private and public post-secondary education. His tenure as an education administrator and project manager has provided him with years of experience managing and motivating large teams and has equipped him with the principles and skills of effective leadership.

Susan Fountain

Susan Fountain is a faculty member at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies. She developed and teaches in the B.A. in Human Relations program, which serves working adults who have not had the chance to complete a college degree. She also designed the Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning program at CUNY SPS. She has taught courses on adult learning, adult development, program design, conflict management, interpersonal behavior and leadership.


“I run a technology team of four and the skills that I learned in the WOS business and project management courses are what I use to manage my team and run my company today. My technical training enables me to effectively communicate with developers, project managers, and stakeholders. The WOS network has also proven to be invaluable; one of my first customers was a WOS alumnus! You never know who will be a resource or client in the future.”

John Thomas, HP

“My journey with WOS showed me that in life you have to take risks. The time spent 1,358 miles away from my loved ones was extremely diffi cult and emotionally tolling, but I was able to return home with a promising career and the ability to fi nancially provide for my family. I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for WOS and United Rentals and I’m forever thankful for their support.”

Zachary Belknap, United Rentals

“Prior to WOS, I lacked the typical educational background sought by employers for more skill-based roles, and I found it difficult to transfer my military experience to civilian occupations. Higher education was always an aspiration but a steady income took precedence. WOS made it possible for me to do both. They invested in developing both hard and soft-skills so I could succeed in a corporate environment. “

Kathleen Mora, Business Systems Analyst, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

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